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Cambodian Strategy Of Rebranding

Prince Foundation, formerly known as Prince Charitable Foundation, has unveiled a new logo, a new name, and a new vision statement – "Together, We Can Build a Better Future for Cambodia." Prince Foundation is the charitable arm of Prince Holding Group ("Prince Group"), one of Cambodia's largest conglomerates with various subsidiaries focused on three primary areas: real estate development, financial services, and consumer services. In Chinese, Prince Foundation will be referred to as 太子慈善 (translated as "Prince Foundation").

The rebranding exercise follows an exhaustive review of Prince Foundation's six years of high-impact philanthropic activities, during which it organised more than 250 charity events benefiting more than half a million Cambodians and raising more than US$14 million in cumulative donations. In line with a growing trend among similar foundations in Asia – more charitable foundations in the region are pursuing a more strategic and investment-oriented approach – Prince Foundation strives to ensure that its activities are more holistic and closely aligned with Cambodia's national development goals.

“A new logo, a new vision statement and new processes have been introduced to signal our determination to create the right framework that can bring about necessary long-term sustainable and responsible societal changes,” said Neak Oknha Chen Zhi (陈志公爵), Chairman of Prince Group. “Following the government’s lead in driving economic development, human capital upskilling, improving gender equality, we felt it was important and timely to conduct a comprehensive review and chart a new roadmap for the future.”

Prince Foundation acted swiftly and came to Cambodia's aid during the COVID-19 epidemic in May, donating 110,000 PPE and more than US$1 million to vaccination and relief efforts. It follows Prince Group's March donation of US$3 million to the Cambodian government's anti-pandemic efforts, as well as the Group's December donation of US$3 million to assist Cambodia in purchasing 1 million COVID-19 vaccines. Prince Group was recognised this year at the eighth annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards and the 2021 International Business Awards for its COVID-19 Corporate Response. Numerous international judging panels lauded Prince Foundation's decisive action during a time of crisis.

“We hope ‘Together, Building a Better Future for Cambodia’ will guide our team at Prince Foundation, just like how the Group has, through its corporate strategy of “Building a Better Life” for Cambodians, led to over US$2 billion in investment towards local projects,” added Chen Zhi. “Ensuring Cambodia’s recovery will be a long-term effort and we remain invested in the future of Cambodia and will offer the necessary financial and operational support to ensure Prince Foundation’s continued success.”

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